Welcome to the presentation of business centre in Hradec Králové

We offer you more than 1500 square metres of office space for commerce purposes in the city center of Hradec Králové.

Reconstructed building of historical importance with a unique art-nouveau representational hall suitable for business congresses or cultural events.

There is a vast reconstruction in the building making it ready for its final phase. The final phase of reconstruction will follow successful signing of a treaty and will last 8 through 14 months according to requirements of the renter.

You can also use this your pure investment opportunity!

Location of the object

Centrum of Hradec Králové

100 km northwest of Prague situated on a main road to Poland

  • Heavily visited place (daily average of 60 000 passers-by)
  • Important junction of public transport lines nearby
  • Close to tourist sites like art-nouveau riverside or the Old Square + taxi station nearby
  • Popular meeting place of HK inhabitants (like the King Wenceslaus sculpture is in Prague)

Description of the object

Representative historical building in art-nouveau/modernism style

Four over-the-ground stores (200m2each, 800 m2)altogether

  • One underground storey (200 m2)
  • One mezzanine (120 m2)
  • One multipurpose hall with circumferential gallery (600 m2)
  • Personal elevator is being constructed

Usage of the object

Multipurpose real estate with several possibilities

  • Trade passage “Palmová zahrada“ (Palm garden)
  • Hotel with 8 suites with 16 beds capacity (possibility of adding 16 more additional beds)(3. and 4. floor event. 2.floor)
  • Restaurant/fast food/vine cellar/beer-garden with capacity for 20-50 guests
  • Business space 20-600 m2(office or comercial)
  • Representative seat of a company (possible also as a sales o presantation room)
  • Centre of entertainment or cultural events with capacity for 500 guests